Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for B.L.I.S.S Ltd is understood to be the way we integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns as part of our values, culture, decision-making and strategy. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to our main stakeholders, our employees, customers, and society.

As a company and a team, we all participate in these drives to foster a better community, country and by extension, world. We develop better customer connection by fostering and making a difference where possible in society.
As a guide we work with core principles that allow us to nurture a sense of duty to our fellow man and the world.

Our Core CSR Principles

Respect for the Law

Laws are put in place to ensure any part of society operates fairly, give some measure of equity and to maintain stability for all citizens. We are committed to compliance of the laws with any country we do business with.


All our business practices maintain transparency in every transaction to our customers, suppliers and relevant stakeholders as required by law and ethics. All our product specifications are internally assessed and verified.

Ethical Behaviour

B.L.I.S.S Ltd maintains that safe feeling and outcome where common sense, honesty and fair treatment is guaranteed to our customers, suppliers, employees and society as a whole. Our company maintains this with society and the environment.

Adherence to International Standards

All our acquired products for sale, manufactured and internal procurement adhere to ASTM/ANSI(USA), CE(Europe), CSR (Canada) and TTBS (Trinidad and Tobago). Our operations are STOW certified and enforced.

Human Rights

We are all linked, the breach we allow in the rights of another human today, may be the same breach that normalizes where we may face the same fate. Human rights are multifaceted and starts with how we treat our staff, suppliers, and customers. Attention is also placed on international concerns and developments.

Social Observation

As a company we encourage the staff culture of being in the know. Paying attention to what goes on in society is multi beneficial. It lets us know where we can make a difference. While this may be extensive, primary focus is placed on the industries we serve, our fellow man, the environment and the factors that can affect each of these.

ONE NATION TOGETHER, and together WE prosper.


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