Our Business model involves the selection of business partners who actively participate in the reduction of any detrimental effects to the environment in their manufacturing and/or  operational process. Responsible business practices should come as second nature.
Environmental compliance with laws and regulations protecting the environment is paramount and begins within our own organization. Our ongoing process of sustainability require us to implement solutions encouraging long term results by creating innovative strategies for waste reduction, water conservation and energy consumption management. Our company and our business partners utilize energy efficient utilities, production methods which are ecofriendly and we recycle significant portions of the waste we create.

Internally we are implementing policies that reduce the carbon foot print on the environment. One such initiative is to reduce paper transactions by at least 90% and encourage digital procurement documents. Our website, though primarily created to fulfil our commitment to customer convenience, enshrouds an aligned goal to aid with paperless transactions, reduce the public or private transportation need by utilizing a convenient delivery system along with considering the health benefits of reduced social interaction where possible re. 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
External to store operations, our team participates in environmental oriented initiatives such as clean up drives and awareness campaigns using our presence on social media and encouraging customer awareness.


We work as a team to find where we can help alleviate the strain on the environment, subsequently we work together to fulfil that role collectively with the hope of setting an example for others to follow.

August  | 2019
International Costal Clean-up Campaign in Quinam in September 2019; Corporate Sponsor for Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) Beach Clean-up in Point Sable Beach, La Brea in August 2019.


At B.L.I.S.S. Ltd. we gradually implement environment friendly practices into our operations. This is carefully researched and invested into to ensure the impact is significant.

Fully implemented HSSE policies with unique focus on reducing our energy consumption in the business operations. This is an ongoing process that engages the use of energy use sensitivity with the staff, technological alternatives and enforced policies.

Green Bureau | 2021

We became a member of the Green Business Bureau to better learn, practice and share our commitment to sustainable business practices in our venture to implement and certify green initiatives wherever BLISS Ltd. is at.

STOW certification | 2021 – Present
Started the process of becoming STOW certified and implementing it into the operations of the business. This allows us to be even more efficient and knowlegeable in the best practices of HSSE internal implementation and consultancy for our customers.

Official Website / Digital Headquarters | 2023

Implemented a full digital headquarters with e-commerce facilities with the added intent of reducing the carbon footprint we and our customers make on the environment. e.g. paperless transactions where possible, reduced use of POS electronics, car-pooling via the use of delivery, portal to multiple forms of communication, et cetera.



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