At B.L.I.S.S Ltd we value partnerships and relationships so creating a world-class customer service experience is of paramount importance to us and our daily operations. We listen to you our customers and continue to grow, ensuring you get the best service possible.

Part of our process is to have weekly tool box meetings where we review our customer and staff experience. This along with the guidelines listed below allow us to constantly create the experience you our customers deserve, in store or online.

Our Customer Experience Guidelines

Building Mutual Trust

Building Mutual Trust and respect with our valued clients by cultivating an atmosphere of open dialogue, care and commitment.

Customer Awareness

Understanding our customers, their needs and the products we offer, allow us to better provide safety solutions, education, training and support to help ensure safety and peace of mind.


We invest in that which makes your experience with us all the more pleasurable. Whether be it our human resources, automation facilities and technology to ensure efficient and accurate operations.

Oriented Policies

We implement policies and programs such as credit facilities for approved corporate clients which gives them a competitive advantage in the industry or customer mediation to ensure all customers are treated with the courtesy they deserve.


Our customers expect to contact us on their terms, using email, chat, voice calls, messaging, or other online portals. They expect their enquiry to be answered in a timely manner, so we make relevant information available online for customers who want to contact us.

Convenient Business

Doing business with us to should be easy every step of the way. From purchase to using our solutions, we listen to what customers say and help make their lives simple – so they can focus on running their business and being safe.

You Oriented Team

Our staff undergo frequent training to ensure customers have the best experience possible per product advice, fitting, sales, mediation and after sales. We also ensure the work environment for our staff is optimal. A satisfied staff always contribute to a satisfied customer.


Fulfilling our promise. We do not just promise, we deliver!



We treat our customer communication with utmost priority. However please understand that we also tend to other customers and our operations. You will receive a reply within 24hrs. For a more immediate response you can call us via any number on our contact page.

Find out how we can serve your business or individual safety requirements. Call, visit or use our online feedback form, we will get back to you within 24hrs.