We see each member of society as a part of a whole unit, any part of that unit where displacement occurs, affects the whole unit. Realistically, we know that we cannot change everything, but we can at least contribute where possible as a single company. It also sets the example for others, the actions we undertake and the change it creates. All opportunities to make that change are assessed for its impact of the result it would produce even on a micro level.

Via social observation we keep aware of the what and establish a ‘how to solution’ based on the factors involved. We practice the principle that charity begins at home, ensuring each of our employees are sustainable as individuals first, knowing that a sound well being benefits that individual, their interaction within society and their second home, their workplace.


We aim to support the development of sport through sponsorship of various sporting activities particularly those that involve the younger generation.

Community | 2012 – present
We have been able to assist sporting organizations within neighbouring communities of Ben Lomond and Williamsville since our inception in 2012.

Intercol Part Sponsor | 2022
B.L.I.S.S. Ltd partnered with Tiger Tanks as co-Sponsors for the 2022 Secondary Schools Football League.

Charity Events

We partake in charity drives that fulfill its promise to help others in practical ways. BLISS Ltd. make use of its social media platforms, connections and staff support to ensure awareness and results reach the goal of such charity drives.

RBC Caribbean Children’s Cancer Fund | 2019 – present

The RBC Caribbean Children’s Cancer Fund aims at creating and promoting greater awareness of the need for early detection and preventative measures and to reduce the incidence of cancer through education, service, and advocacy.

In 2019 funds from the RBC Caribbean Children’s Cancer Fund supported a donation to the Eric Williams Medical Complex of a Flow Cytometer valued at TTD 2.5 million. This machine increases survival rates as it more accurately diagnoses leukemia at an early stage.

In 2020 the RBC virtual race was the 5th annual RFTK race in Trinidad, allowing participants to register and donate to the organization of their choice.

BLISS Safety Store was able to raise 2100 USD + for the 2020 virtual event and also partook in the virtual run.

Current Affairs

One of our Corporate Social Responsibility principles is social observation where we look for any local, regional or international current affair where we can make a difference. This can vary significantly, our process involves assessment and internal deliberation as to how we can practically contribute.

COVID-19 Resilience | 2020 – 2021
2020 brought with it unprecedented changes to how every aspect of society carried out its affairs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We sought to say thank you with essential sanitary supplies to our regional healthcare workers, police service and Regional Corporation for their hard work and support.



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