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These are a few frequently asked questions to help you with your general and online shopping experience with us.

What range of products do you sell?

Predominantly, we carry full head to toe PPE gear that range in safety features(based on what is needed for the environment one works in), sizes and styles to facilitate users’ preferences. We also stock and shelf other safety items such as reflector cones, safety signage, smoke detectors and lights (hand held or mounted). Procurement services are also available for corporate customers.

You are affiliated with a few organizations, what are the benefits to customers?

Our affiliations benefit our customers

  • by keeping us up to date per per the developments within the industry we serve, eg. New methods of operations and the required PPE used.
  • with safety standards updates to PPE products eg. New testing methods for the EN 388 (2016),
  • by providing a forum where we can network with common interest bodies within the industry,
  • by providing information as to how to help us better help our customers keep themselves safe on the job,
  • by ensuring our manufacturing operations are regulated, ensuring top quality products
  • and indirectly, better protecting y(our) environment
What are the forms of payment you accept?

We accept Credit/Debit Cards(In store and Online Payments), cheques and cash

Are deliveries only limited for online purchases?

No, deliveries can be requested in store for large orders.

Do you offer the facility to make custom orders of products?

Yes we do for our flagship PPE products if unique features or style variations are required (if available). These can be requested through any of our online communications or directly with our sales representatives and CSRs. We also offer procurement services.

Do you sell coveralls for the industry?

We are manufacturers of both polycotton and flame-resistant shirt, pants, coveralls, aprons and lab coats.

What colours/materials are available in uniforms?

Polycotton: navy blue, royal blue, khaki, grey, red, green, orange and black

Flame resistant: orange, navy blue, royal blue, khaki, grey, red and green

Lab coats: white, blue (or by special request)

Aprons: Leatherette & Polycotton (or by special request)

NOTE We do custom colours and features per request

What sizes are available in the uniforms?

The sizes vary from extra small, small, medium, large, xl, 2xl & 3xl.

NOTE We do custom colours and features per request

Do you provide custom fit uniforms?

We provide custom fit shirt, pants & coveralls for both men & women at an additional cost.

What type of safety toe boots do you carry?

We are suppliers of steel toe, composite toe, alloy toe & carbon toe – boots, shoes and sneakers for both male & female.

What are some of the styles available in your safety boots?

We have a range of styles available in the safety boots:

  • 6” lace up
  • 8” lace up
  • 6” slip on
  • 11” slip on
  • Executive office
  • Clogs
  • 4” sneakers
  • Micro-adjustable, precision fit
Do you sell harness & lanyard?

We provide a range of fall protection which includes but not limited to full body harness, shock absorbing single leg lanyards, dual leg shock absorbing lanyards with double pelican (rebar) hooks self-retracting lanyards (SRL), trauma straps, rope grab – personal fall arrest system (pfas), anchorage connectors and anchor strap.

Do you supply respirators?

We supply both disposable N95 respirators – NIOSH approved, kn95 respirators, reusable half-face and full-face respirators. We also supply the filters, pre-filter and cartridges for the reusable respirators.